“Wedding ring auctioned on eBay to help end hunger”

Wedding ring auctioned on eBay to help end hunger 
 It’s a diamond studded symbol of eternal love – a beautiful wedding ring worth thousands of dollars. But for one Bellevue couple, it’s something that doesn’t seem to fit in a world where children are dying of hunger. “It has a 1.04 diamond in the center, then 8 small diamonds on each side,” said Carla.  “I think it was my idea to sell it, but Erik’s idea to auction it,” said Carla. It was a very happy wedding six years ago for Erik and Carla Schneider – the deal sealed with a kiss and a ring. Don’t get us wrong – Carla still loves Erik and Erik still loves Carla, even more now than on their special day. But the ring? Carla decided in a world where kids still go hungry, she just can’t wear it anymore.  Lars, the youngest Schneider, helped with the decision.

“We have a son now and we couldn’t imagine losing him because we couldn’t feed him,” said Carla. “It was really devastating to think about that.” 

“We’ve done some other fundraisers, had a garage sale and making candles and stuff, all of a sudden I noticed the ring on my hand,” said Carla. “I know it’s worth something and it can make a bigger impact sooner.” 

And it will. The wedding ring is on the auction block on eBay right now. The money raised will go to a branch of Heifer International, a non-profit aid group that has helped millions of families in 128 countries, including the U.S., providing food, farm animals and education about sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship. 

The top bidder in the Schneiders’ auction can decide where they want their money to go. “Maybe they’ve been to Haiti and they’ve seen the need in Haiti or maybe they’re more into the environment so it might go into agro-ecology programs,” said Erik. 

So it’s goodbye to the diamonds – hello to a simple gold and platinum band. It’s a step in the right direction say the Schneiders – a step for a good cause and the kind of step they hope more people will take with them. 

And they say the new ring is a symbol of not only their commitment to each other, but their shared commitment to fighting hunger around the world. The eBay auction ends November 10, Erik and Carla Schneider’s sixth year anniversary.For the video, please click here: http://www.king5.com/localnews/stories/NW_110207WABupbeat_diamond_auction_LJ.1cfd29581.html


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