Buy a Cute Bag = Feed a Child for a Year

The World Food Programme has developed a functional way to help reduce poverty: purchase a FEED tote bag, and all of the proceeds will go to feeding school children for a year. Why is the focus on feeding school children? Because of the short- and long-term benefits that children attending school receive. Not only are they receiving an education, but children who eat a full meal at school improve their concentration levels, have more energy, are more likely to go to school regularly and improve their overall health. Girls are more likely to marry and have children later in life. Illiteracy levels decline. Children are healthier and stronger, and able to help and support their parents and community better. The benefits of a regular meal are numerous and expand into all areas of a child’s life.

The FEED bag is reversible in white and tan, and made out of natural burlap and cotton fabric. The white side has three pockets, including perfect places for a cell phone and keys. The design was inspired by the FEED bags that the WFP uses to distribute food to developing countries all over the world. The bag is sold exclusively at for $59.95.


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